Braille Music

This internationally acclaimed British documentary film follows five professional blind musicians as they create a piece of music in homage to Louis Braille, creator of the tactile reading system for the blind. The film also explores Louis Braille's musical life in Paris. Everyone in this film is blind. Currently audio descriptions for this film are unavailable on this streaming platform.


Music Section at NLS (National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) has just begun a Blog.

The name of the blog is NLS Music Notes. The link is We hope that you will visit the blog, sign up to get feeds, and make comments.

The blog is about what the Music Section does, what we have made, scores we have acquired, patron interviews, new titles, new digital braille scans, blind musicians past and present, technological developments. All kinds of things. If you are on this list, it is for you. Even if you may not avail yourself of the opportunity to read and comment. Your feedback will immensely help us develop a good and better blog.


Call for Participation: NLS Digital Braille Music Repository

By Juliette Appold

Are you a braille music reader or know someone who is? Wouldn’t you like to find more braille music scores online, in one place? We have some great news for you: The Music Section at the Library of Congress’ National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) is developing a Digital Braille Music Repository. Why are we doing this? Downloading braille music is becoming increasingly popular. Just to give you some numbers: Currently, NLS makes available about 2600 digital braille music scores on BARD. In the past year, about 112 patrons have downloaded more than 11,000 braille music. We envision these numbers to continuously grow with the participation of institutions and additional patrons. And that is why we are working on a digital repository for braille sheet music. We envision this repository to be the hub of digital braille music scores, the go-to place for downloading braille sheet music. We plan to create the most comprehensive digital braille music repository in the world by continuously adding new materials from NLS and from contributing institutions. We want to compile, preserve and make these materials available to patrons with disabilities. And for that, we are looking for institutions to actively participate in this project. Do you know of a digital braille music source (music school, university, library for the blind, rehab service, etc.) in your state or area who might be interested? Please let us know! If you represent an institution that provides braille music scores and/or braille music transcription services, we would appreciate your input. Please complete our survey: